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The Charity

AbleStay is a registered charity with the mission of providing fully accessible holiday accommodation

to disabled people and their families.

In the future, the charity wish to 'enable a family' by providing charitable short breaks for families who find a trip to London too much of a financial burden. We will be looking for sponsors to support a family.

So far, AbleStay have purchased their first property in London but needs your help to 'open the doors'.  Jo & Charles have committed £200,000 of their own money to secure a mortgage on the property and are looking to raise £55,000 to help transform the property making it wheelchair accessible, building a fully adapted bathroom, creating an accessible kitchen, bedroom with profiling beds, ceiling track hoist and much, much more. 

These adaptations are costly and Jo & Charles cannot progress without your help, as these are significant costs over and above running a standard holiday let.

We will be working hard to spread awareness and raise funds via social media, crowdfunding, sponsorship partners and London businesses.

Let's make London as accessible for disabled people as it is for everyone else.

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Alternatively to make a bank transfer or by cheque (please make cheques payable to 'Ablestay').

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Post cheques to:
Foolish Wood
Bilton Lane
Harrogate, HG1 4DN

What a fabulous idea, this would be life changing for so many families!  It will open up a whole new world.

Wow!!  This would open up a whole new world – it’s just too much of a struggle finding somewhere to stay in London.

Wow, this is just amazing.  My daughter has Lennox Gasteau Syndrome.  This is like winning the lottery, this is something to really look forward to!

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